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WWF Civil society info pic

Evaluation of civil society capacity development project

Country: Cameroon
Duration: 03 / 2020 – 05 / 2020
Client: WWF


The objective of this assignment is to review the 5-year Civil Society Project, which seeks to promote the role of CSOs as advocated for sustainable management of natural resources and sustainable investments. Project Details...


AfDB Standtec info pic

NDC investment opportunities for the private sector

Countries: South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique and Egypt
Duration: 02/2020 - 11/2020
Client: AfDB / Stantec

AfDB / Stantec

The objective of this project is to address the challenges experienced by African countries in accessing climate finance. Project Details...


GCF info pic

Review of GCF Funding Proposals

Countries: Global
12/2019 – 12/2020
Client: GCF


The objective of this assignment is to support the GCF Secretariat and particularly the DCP in the assessment of projects and programmes proposed for GCF funding. Project Details...


UNFF REDD info pic

Preparation of REDD+ GCF Concept note

Countries: Burundi, Cameroon, DRC, Congo, Gabon, CAR, Rwanda, Chad, EG, STP
Duration: 11/2019 – 06/2020
Client: UNFF


The objective of this assignment is to provide substantive support to COMIFAC and the governments of its ten member states in drafting a funding proposal for the Green Climate Fund. Project Details...


BUR info pic

Preparation of Biennial Update Report

Country: Republic of Congo
Duration: 12/2019 – 01/2020
Client: Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Environment

The objective of this assignment is to guide the Republic of Congo in the preparation of its Biennial Update Report (BUR) with guidance from UNEP. Project Details...


AFF translation info pic

Translation of technical forestry and climate change documents

Countries: African countries
12 / 2019 – 03 / 2020
Client: African Forest Forum

African Forest Forum

The objective of this assignment is to translate AFF’s technical forestry and climate change documents from English to French so that these documents,which are relevant to Project Details...


UNDP GCF proposal info pic

Development of GCF full proposal on climate-smart agriculture

Country: Liberia
Duration: 09/2019 – 12 / 2019
Client: UNDP Liberia

UNDP Liberia

The goal of this project is to build the climate-resilience of Liberian smallholder farmers and facilitate the development of a sustainable crop and livestock-based economy by implementing large-scale climate-smart agricultural practices in different part of Liberia. Project Details...


Jafta info slide pic

GCF feasibility study on zero deforestation cocoa

Country: Cameroon
Duration: 09 / 2019 – 11 / 2019
Client: JAFTA / JICA


The main objective of this assignment is to identify and implement in a concrete way, activities concerning the “zero deforestation in cocoa production” approach in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Central Region, thus contributing to the development of the Emission Reduction Scenario. Project Details...


AFF forestry info pic

Strengthen capacities of African forestry stakeholders to respond to climate change

Countries: Francophone Africa
Duration: 06 / 2019 – 09 / 2019
Client: African Forest Forum

African Forest Forum

This assignment aims at conducting studies on capacity strengthening for African forestry stakeholders on integrating adaptation and mitigation options in different forests, tree resources outside forests and social systems in both Anglophone and Francophone Africa. Project Details...


AFF curriculum info pic

Develop teaching compendiums for training on forests and climate change in Africa

Countries: African countries
Duration: 06 / 2019 – 08 / 2019
Client: African Forest Forum

African Forest Forum

This assignment aims at developing four training modules on forests and climate change in a pedagogical manner, so as to facilitate sub-regional training workshops in Sub-Saharan African countries. Project Details...


WWF Conservation info pic

Mainstreaming climate change into protected areas and conservation strategies

Country: Cameroon
Duration: 07/2019 – 10/2019
Client: WWF


The goal of this assignment is to facilitate the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation in protected area management plans and the WWF conservation strategy. Project Details...


AFF Paris agreement info pic

Enhancing African national forest governance to respond to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Countries: African countries
Duration: 08 / 2019 – 11 / 2019
Client: African Forest Forum

African Forest Forum

This assignment has as objective to generate information and knowledge on how African national forest governance is responding to the Paris Agreement and related global climate change policies and initiatives. Project Details...


CIDT MTR 2019 info pic

Mid-term Review Citizen Voices for Change project (CV4C)

Countries: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, DRC, Gabon
Duration: 04/2019 – 12/2019
Client: CIDT - University of Wolverhampton, UK

CIDT - University of Wolverhampton, UK

This assignment aims to understand progress that the project has made so far towards achieving its objectives and outcomes and draw lessons for improvement during the rest of the project’s implementation. Project Details...

World Bank 2019 info slide

Development of National REDD+ Strategy

Country: Central African Republic
Duration: 04/2019 – 05/2020
Client: World Bank

World Bank

This project aims to prepare the CAR National Strategy and REDD + Action Plan. The REDD + strategy will include the following elements: Project Details...

Ernst Young info pic

Congo Basin Climate Commission Blue Fund    

Countries: Angola, Burundi, Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, EG, CAR, DRC, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Morocco, STP, South Sudan, Tanzania, Chad, Zambia.
Duration: 04/ 2019 – 07/ 2019
Client: Ernst & Young / UNDP

Ernst & Young / UNDP

The prefiguration study of the Blue Fund for the Congo Basin Climate Commission aims at: Project Details...

Eco consult info pic

REDD+ Feasibility Study and Project Design Document

Country: Cameroon
Duration: 01/2019 – 07/2019
Client: GIZ / Eco-consult

The main objective of this assignment is to carry out a REDD+ feasibility study and elaborate a REDD+ project document for the Belabo-Doume-Diang (BDD) intermunicipal forest landscape in the eastern region of Cameroon. Project Details...

CTA Cmr Chad info slide

Promoting Climate Finance for Agriculture through NDC Processes

Countries: Cameroon & Chad
Duration: 12/2018 – 03/2019
Client: CTA


Promoting Climate Finance for Agriculture through Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) Processes in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP) countries is an initiative of the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) implemented across several countries. Project Details...

SDPA GCF info slide pic

Prefeasibility Study and Preparation of GCF Concept Note

Country: Chad
Duration: 11/2018 - 02/2019
Client: SDPA

The objective of the project is to support SDPA in conducting a pre-feasibility study and preparing a GCF concept note.  Project Details...

Eritrea UNDP info slide replacement

Terminal Evaluation of Water & Agriculture Adaptation Programme

Country: Eritrea
Duration: 11/2018 – 01/2019
Client: UNDP Eritrea

UNDP Eritrea

The goal of the GEF/Adaptation Fund programme is to promote increased food security in Eritrea through ecologically sustainable and climate-resilient improvements in agricultural production. The objective is to increase community resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change through an integrated water management and agricultural development approach in the Anseba Region.  Project Details...

Guinea Conakry info slide

Development of National Climate Change Strategy

Country: Guinea Conakry
Duration: 10/2018 – 02/2019
Client: UNDP Guinea

UNDP Guinea

Guinea for the last few years faces climate variability from climate change which called for action to fight recurrent droughts, reduced rainfall and flooding. The NAPA helped to identify agriculture and livestock, water, coastal and forest zones as the vulnerable sectors. Project Details...


FOKABS’ mission is to advance climate-resilient and low-carbon development solutions, investments and lifestyles that protect the environment