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article 16

Synergizing climate change mitigation and adaptation in Cameroon: An overview of multi-stakeholder efforts

Year of publication: 2019

Authors: Ngum, F.; Alemagi, D.; Duguma, L.; Minang, P.; Kehbila, A.; Tchoundjeu, Z.

article 17

Community forestry frameworks in sub-Saharan Africa and the impact on sustainable development

Year of publication: 2018

Authors: Lalisa A. Duguma; Joanes Atela; Alemayehu N. Ayana; Dieudonne Alemagi; Mathew Mpanda; Moses Nyago; Peter A. Minang; Judith M. Nzyoka; Divine Foundjem-Tita; Cécile Ngo Ntamag-Ndjebet.


OFAC-Brief : Contributions of Central African countries to combat climate change: The urgent need for intersectorial coordination

Year of publication: 2018

Authors: Eba'a Atyi, R.; Sonwa, D.J.; Guizol, P.; Itsoua Madzous, G.L.; Fobissie, K.; Medjibe, V.P.;Tsanga, R.; Liboum, M.; Awono, A.; Essamba, L.F.; Jungers, Q.; Palla, F.


An Integrated Approach to Capacity Development in Forestry and Climate

Publication year: 2017

Authors: Fobissie K.; Etongo D.; Kanninen M





Synergies in Social Safeguards in FLEGT and REDD+ in Cameroon

Year of publication: 2017

Authors: Tegegne Y.; Sabaheta Ramcilovic-Suominen; Kalame Fobissie.; Ingrid J. Visseren-Hamakers, Marcus Lindner; Markku Kanninen



Energy savings and economic benefits of transition towards efficient lighting in residential buildings in Cameroon

Year of publication: 2017

Authors: Enongene, K. E.; Murray, P.; Holland, J.; & Abanda, F. H


Evidence for soil carbon enhancement through deeper ploughing at pasture renovation on a Typic Fragiaqualf

Year of Publication: 2017

Authors: Calvelo Pereira, R.; Hedley, M. J.; Camps Arbestain, M.; Bishop, P.; Enongene, K. E.; Joseph Otene, I. J.


Feasibility of a residential solar photovoltaic in Cameroon. Journal of Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessment.

Year of publication: 2015

Authors: Etongo, D.; Djenontin, I.N.S.; Kanninen, M.; Fobissie, K.; Korhonen-Kurki, K.; Djoudi, H.

 article10Analyzing the contribution of Cameroon's council forests to socio-economic development and climate change mitigation. In: Blanco et al (eds). Tropical Forest: The challenges of maintaining ecosystem services while managing the landscape. Intech Publisher, Rijeka, Croatia, pp. 79-92

Year of publication: 2016

Authors: Alemagi, D.; Duguma, L.A.; Minang, P.A.; Ngum, F.; Yemefack, M.; Tchoundjeu, Z.


Land tenure, asset heterogeneity and deforestation in Southern Burkina Faso. Forest Policy and Economics

Year of publication: 2015

Authors: Etongo, D.; Djenontin, I.N.S.; Kanninen, M.; Fobissie, K.; Korhonen-Kurki, K.; Djoudi, H.


Smallholders’ Tree Planting Activity in the Ziro Province, Southern Burkina Faso: Impacts on Livelihood and Policy Implications

Year of Publication: 2015

Authors: Etongo, D.; Djenontin, I.N.S.; Kanninen, M.; Fobissie, K. 2015.


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